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5380 Elvas Avenue, Sacramento, California,ca

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30 reviews
  • Rome·

    No beards, no goatees and no fake moustaches.

  • Sarah Huchel·

    What a fun experience! Charming (and terrifying) exhibits of medical history, including the ever-entertaining quackery bits.

  • Sam and Jackie Smith·

    Amazing collection! I love this kind of curiosity. If we could we would adorn our home with all of these things. We learned a ton too! Dr. Vetter was an excellent tour guide. The iron lung is super interesting! A must do in Sacramento for sure.

  • Lenore·

    I took my students on 10-20-23, and they had a blast!!! They loved the tour and all the amazing things to see. I'll definitely be back.

  • Nancy B·

    I enjoyed the museum very much.How Medical tools and Ideas have advanced through the yrs.good variety of artifacts, and the history, very inventive procedures, meds machinery. verysmart in 1800's. will come back and finish the tour later.

  • David Hiller·

    The visit and experience at your facility for both myself and the group I came in with was wonderful, engaging and informative. The Docents were knowledgeable and showed a great deal of enthusiasm in teaching our group. There was a wonderful mixture of humor, honesty and history. The office worker who set up our appointment was generous and delivered on all the promises they gave. I recommend this tour to anyone and everyone. Again, many thanks.

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